The Inspiration behind J Fit

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


First and foremost my inspiration for J Fit is to proclaim my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be all the Glory and Honor forever and ever. To my wife Sarah. She is the epitome of grace and beauty. Thank you for your amazing support, the best encourager I’ve ever met. Thank you for your display of continued unconditional love. My kids Camden, Jocelyn, and Aliza. Camden, thank you for your loving kind spirit. God has used you to touch hearts and bring a smile to many faces. Jocelyn, you have a generous heart. God has used you to encourage and lift up others when they are down. Aliza, has such a joyful heart. She has an amazing spirited personality that warms the heart of everyone she meets.


What my dad instilled in me is exactly what I want to do for my clients. By empowering them to believe in the potential that God has for their lives along with their own personal fitness journey. No pressure, let’s sit down and discuss your goals and aspirations. Let’s have coffee and discuss if becoming J Fit is right for you. You can always reach me directly in two ways:

Phone: (260) 415-0394


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