God Wants You to Prosper?

Why do some people believe that they will be a success in life and others a failure? Could it be our thought patterns? The bible is very clear about this: Our thoughts will lead us to who we believe we are (Proverbs 23:7 ASV). Jeremiah 29:11 says it perfectly… God wants us to be a success! But first, we must have faith and believe it will happen, through His purpose for our life (Matthew 21:22.

For starters, I’ve experienced many setbacks in my professional life due to improper thinking. The whole concept of starting my own training business four years ago seemed to me like a fantasy and not realistic. Examples of improper thinking during this time were, calling myself names when I made a mistake and thinking thoughts that would say “this is too hard” or “you don’t have what it takes”. I came to a place where I realized that these untrue thoughts were not just having a negative impact on my career potential, but every other aspect of my life. There had to be a change, and that change would start with my thinking! (Ephesians 4:22-24).

I started getting back into reading the word of God. It was a process of stripping all that was unholy and untrue about my thinking and putting my mind set on the truth of who I am in Christ Jesus (Romans 12:2) Through Jesus, I have HOPE….. I have a FUTURE and my plans will PROSPER!

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1 comment on “God Wants You to Prosper?

  1. You are right Jason! The power of positive thinking.


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