The goal is fat loss! The key to achieving this through a workout is by getting your metabolism fired up through a short intense weight training session , and then taking a rest for a least 5 mins. before you start back again… Sounds crazy? Give it a try. You see by revvin up your body and then coming to a complete stop causes your body to become confused. Or what I like to call produces muscle confusion. In the confusion after you’re done training your body continues to burn fat sometimes up to 24 hours. Conventional training will have you take very little rest in between sets because that’s how we’ve always trained to do it. As an athlete that is ideal because you have to learn to go strong in a short time of exertion. Athletes want little recovery so they can build mental toughness. But when it comes to weight loss is actually the complete opposite. You want more recovery time. And actually more intensity in your workout before. So…Give the afterburn a shot.

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