Why so sleepy?


Why are we so tired?… Let’s get away from the obvious and break this down more specifically. In my own exsperience I have noticed that the more PM hours of sleep I get the better I feel in the morning. When I was in college I would typically cram for a test. I noticed that when I studied in the evening and then took a two hour nap from 10pm – 12am I had more relaxed retention of the information. If I studied straight through the night I found that I could still regurgitate the information, but I had to get it out and on paper as quick as possible for fear of losing what I had crammed in my brain. Where by getting those two hours of sleep in the p.m. the information that I would put on paper for my test seem to flow more naturally. Not to encourage cramming… LOL. But I definitely noticed a difference. So I’d like for you to do an experiment yourself and see if PM sleeping works for you.


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