First of all I want to say that there are some amazing personal trainers out there. They care about their clients, they create great training programs and they put them on efficient diet programs that get instant results. But right now I’m going to focus on is the aspect of diet. If any of you have witnessed or been a part of a meal program, weight loss program or any other type of competitive how much can I lose program, you know for the most part that the success was short term. So pretty much how it goes, is that you have somebody that’s super overweight. They go on a very intensive workout regiment program along with a very intensive dietary restrictive program. They lose a ton of weight they get in incredible shape. And then they gain it all back. The question I would like to ask you is -Why is this the common pattern? Plain and simple the reason I believe that clients that come in, they lose a ton of weight and then gain it all back, is because they never had any true ownership of their meal plan. They were literally following a plan that was specifically written out by a personal trainer for them to follow in meticulous manner. I know this very well because this was my philosophy  of meal planning. Other things I see is that personal trainers ( I’ve been a part of this as well) have used other multi-level marketing companies to write out and come up with meal plans for their clients. Now, is there anything intrinsically wrong with this… No… there isn’t. I think some of these programs offer incredible meal plans and I believe the meal plans that are written out by personal trainers are excellent as well. The reason why we see the constant, and I’m talking about drastic yo-yo effect in terms of weight fluctuation, is due to a lack of ownership. Basically, the client has little to no say so in their diet. Their food roadmap is at the whims of their personal trainer. That to me is like trying to walk a trail with the map right in front of your face. How are you supposed to see where you’re going… and what happens if you lose the map and what happens if you lose the map? I believe that when you walk a trail it is important to use a map to understand the direction and where you’re going. Put it away, and then take the map out and use it as a tool of reference instead of a security blanket. Reason why it’s difficult for personal trainers to do this is because it doesn’t get short-term gratification. I believe I have a system that will help people lose weight and keep it off forever! If this is a journey that you would love to take, get ahold of me for a cup of coffee. I would love to help you start this adventure.



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