Ouch that hurts!


How can we differentiate between what is good pain and bad pain? My perspective is not if you’re just feeling a muscle burn due to physical exertion in your workout then I would Define that is good pain. There is always going to be a point where you push through a certain threshold in order to achieve greater gains in your performance level. If you cannot push through that pain barrier you’re not going to be able to get to that next level of improvement. Although, if you’re not paying attention and listening to your body properly you could miss what I consider to be bad pain. That would be any pain where it comes on very suddenly very sharp. Another way to know if it’s bad pain is when pushing through, is if it doesn’t go away or it gets worse. This is something that definitely takes time to gain awareness of.  Athletes are typically  pretty good at recognizing the difference between good and bad pain. The problem is is that they ignore it! On the other hand non-athletes 10 to stop when they should push through and push through when they should stop. Mostly because they don’t know the difference. One thing I would definitely recommend for anybody who is training for anything, is that you spend time every day doing joint mobilizations. It will make a world of difference in maintaining your body and injury prevention.

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