Who is J Fit?

Hello, my name is Jason McMillan. I was the first of four children born to Tom and Darla McMillan in Decatur, Indiana.  Growing up I had two passions:  my relationship with God and sports. My conversion and acceptance to Christ took place on a very stormy night. I was 5 years old and as the lighting and thunder grew louder my fears intensified.  I ran to my Mom’s room and jumped on her bed.  She comforted me and explained the life of  Jesus and what he had done to preserve our eternal salvation (Rom. 10:9).  I accepted Him into my heart that night; My life would never be the same!  Although my mother led me to the Lord, my father played the main role in the cultivation of my faith and my passion for exercise.   My father, being a great athlete himself, and passionate about sports, fueled the desire to be active.  So talking about Jesus and running until I dropped became my constants.

My first taste of organized sports was in the 5th grade. I played PAL football. I also competed in a few wrestling tournaments.  During my high school years I focused on cross-country and wrestling.  During my college years at Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY,  I involved myself in every intramural sport that was available.  I engaged in anything with a ball or having to do with running.  After college I spent most of my years in jobs that I enjoyed  but wasn’t passionate about.  To fill this void I filled my free time with working out.  I ran races, competed in wrestling tournaments, played in basketball and flag football leagues, swam, biked, and inline skated.

In 2004 I went on to earn a massage certification diploma from the Center for Vital Living. I earned my NFPT Certified Personal Trainer certification in 2015 and began training others.

This is when God got a hold of me in a brand new way.  I started to look toward Him for my strength and fulfillment.  On July 28th 2011 God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy! Camden Thomas McMillan. He used this wonderful little boy to refocus my


passions… To look at my gifts and the desires of my heart as a way to bless others.  I wanted Camden to grow up knowing Christ and to accomplish his goals using his God-given strengths.  I knew the best way I could help him with this was to be that example to him in my own life! It was clear to me that God put this passion for physical fitness on my heart. I believed it was time to act on that passion and make it my ministry!

I began my business in June, 2015 with a desire to pass on my learnings to others. It has been ramping up ever since and I now train all of my clients out of Sud’n Impact gym located on Main St.,  Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My life has continued to be blessed.  In August, 2016 I met the love of my life.  Sarah and her two beautiful girls, Jocelyn and Aliza, instantly found their place in my heart.  Our families became one when Sarah and I married in August, 2017.  She is my sounding board, my biggest supporter and a wonderful advocate for Jesus IMG_7834

Out of these experiences, my life’s motto was born:

“I have a one size approach to training. The person comes first, then the body.”

Want to learn more about training with me?

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